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What is the U.S. Government saying about you?


Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not being watched!

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The FOIA Project

What YOU Need To Do

Go to the National Security Archives FOIA Site for instruction on and examples of FOIA requests that work.

Click here for a DOJ  guide and information on how to find out what the government is misrepresenting about you.

You have a right to know

Consider this: soon, there will be websites - much like FreeCreditReport.com1 - devoted to one purpose: allowing people to correct and monitor the intelligence reports compiled about them.

If you believe this is a remote possibility, it would only be that if you believe the government would allow you to rebut their paranoid observations in the first place.

What if you found out that car really was following you. Was that strange noise on the phone a wiretap? And, that helicopter flying overhead last night - were they using through the wall infra-red thermal imaging to monitor your bedtime activities?

Or were they dropping manufactured rocks that are actually bio-sensors that monitor your heart rate and breathing patterns?

If you think all those things sound weird, you should read more non-corporate news.

But, let's talk in more down to earth terms.

The FOIA Project is designed to give you access to the information the government has collected about you.

You have a right to know (at least you did when this was written. Someone check out the latest executive orders and get back to me)

It could be innocent, it could be nothing at all.

It could be that you belonged to a small group of students calling themselves the SBS (Students Against Boredom In School) who someone reported you were a part of some junior division of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and turned you over to the FBI for Co-IntelPro harassment in the 70's.

You could have been mistaken for someone else.

You just never know. So, find out. You have to admit, it would be interesting, wouldn't it?

If you suspect you are being harassed, and you don't know why, and your parents did classified government work, particularly in the areas of weather modification, nuclear programs, the hover craft and directed energy, particularly in the post-Korean war era, do a search on them. And, we'd like to hear from you.

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